Friday, May 23, 2008

Rocky Road S’mores

by Scott Lund

I was recently at Bruno’s Market checking inventory of Lula’s, when I saw a dear friend, Linda. While we were catching up and offering suggestions for each other’s businesses, I met Kimberly, a Lula’s Chocolates fan.

Of course, Linda began to extol the virtues of Lula’s—taste, freshness, local product, and gift-ability—to our new friend. Not to be outdone, Kimberly explained that she had created a new recipe for the Dark Aloha Rocky Road S’mores. As she described it— you take a 4.0 oz Aloha Rocky Road and cut or break in half. Sandwich the half rocky road between 2 graham crackers. Next, wrap tight in aluminum foil and place near fire for sufficient time to melt the chocolate. Peel off foil and enjoy with friends and family.

I look forward to trying this fresh spin on a classic recipe this Memorial Day weekend. See you at the beach.