Monday, August 18, 2008

Concours Weekend Photos

by Aaron Davidson

One of the great advantages of living and producing gourmet chocolates in Monterey is that we get to be here every year for the Concours. At the end of each summer, some of the most exotic cars ever produced converge on Carmel and Pebble Beach for a week of gawking and admiring automobiles that others may never see in the quantities and styles that appear on the roads here.
The price tag on these works of art may put them out of my reach right now, but taking photographs of them is not. I spent several hours on Saturday walking the streets of Carmel, taking pictures of some of these beauties.

On Saturday, many of the cars are just parked along the streets of Carmel. This is not one of the scheduled events, but that is what I like about it. It’s just the drivers of these exotic cars, wanting to hang around Carmel and let normal people gawk at their cars as they stroll Ocean Avenue. I like this environment because there are not as many people looking at the cars, so you can get better pictures, and sometimes you even find them in motion rather than just parked. I took around 200 pictures (I just love digital photography—it costs almost nothing to take a photo), and I posted what I thought were the best 35 on flickr. Please enjoy the pictures, even if you were not able to enjoy the event.