Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Very First Blog

by Scott Lund

Q. Why does one start a blog? For me, this blog will capture a fresh perspective as I interact with current friends and future friends who share my passion for chocolate. Our website, doesn’t provide me with the feedback and dialog that I would really like to have.

For example, the website is mainly about marketing and sales, with a little information and fun mixed in. My hope is that the blog will bring about shared experiences, stories and some education in the world of chocolate. Another benefit of this blog is the informality in conversation it brings—I can use my “blog” voice.

Best of all, this blog will allow me to receive questions from you. It is your opportunity to get answers to anything you might wonder about my sweet life in the chocolate industry. Feel free to ask as many questions as you would like. Lula’s has very few secret recipes, so ask away.

Let me start with the most frequently asked question—“Who is Lula?” Lula was my grandmother. She was an amazing woman with charm, wit and a great work ethic. Her candy kitchen in Utah was spotless. I remember her saying, “if someone finds a bug in my kitchen, I’ll eat it.” She never did, and the Lula’s Chocolate factory would make her proud. We use her recipes and believe in her ideals. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!” The Lula’s Story is a great one and I invite everyone to read it when you go to the website.

I look forward to telling you about our recent experiences at Pebble Beach Food &Wine which we attended last weekend. It was fabulous! I will put a teaser out there for you…can you say “Lime Fresco?” If you haven’t tried this new Sea Salt Caramel, you are missing a party in your mouth.

The buzz about Lula’s Chocolates is making its way around. We have come so far, but we are striving for more. is just another step in that direction. I look forward to your visits, chats, chocolate confessions and more.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see that Lula's Chocolate's has a blog. I love the chocolates and enjoy the quality I taste that comes with each delicious bite. I am your number one fan.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Goodbye See's HELLO LULA'S!

I am a finicky chocolate lover, and Lula's is now my favorite Chocolate! So fresh, and such wonderful new flavors!

Thank you Lula's!

Juliana Cocola said...

Hi Scott!

Thank you very much for your hospitality today during our visit to your chocolate factory! We enjoyed the tour and what wonderful tasty chocolates you make! I will be sharing your wonderful chocolates with my clients, friends, and family. They deserve the best, and LULA'S IS THE VERY BEST!

jane in monterey said...

Hi! A friend of mine just gave me a box of your caramels for Mother's Day and I am so impressed. I have been savoring them one by one since Sunday and I only have a few left! I was pleasantly surprised at how the salt blended with the chocolate so perfectly. I don't know if you have ever tried Japanese tea candies that also use the salt vs. sweet combination in their composition. They don't do chocolate though, like you!
I happen to be working in Ryan Ranch and would like to visit your facility one day soon...I'll give you a call!
Again...excellent chocolate caramels, can't wait to try your other delectable selections!
Jane R.

Scott said...

Thanks Jane for the comment.

It is nice to have loving friends who share. I would be pleased to meet you and show you our factory when you have time. It is always best to call first (655.8527) to make sure that I am here. I look forward to seeing you.


Anonymous said...

Scott, Sweeeeet site!


Anonymous said...

Glad to find the blog, we love you guys!!