Monday, October 20, 2008

How to make the Perfect Gourmet S’more

by Aaron Davidson

The perfect s’more has always been an elusive creation to make on a consistent basis. Sometimes you make one and it turns out great; other times they are OK, and other times they are just burnt.

I’ve finally found a way of making one that is perfect every time. The only hitch is that they aren’t made the way most folks think nature intended them to be made—over the campfire. These s’mores are made in your own kitchen.

The one main ingredient, of course, is with a fist-size chunk of Lula’s Chocolates’ Aloha Rocky Road. You can use either the dark chocolate or milk chocolate, but I, personally, prefer the dark chocolate.

The first step is to pick a healthy chunk that you can cut off, so that at least two of the marshmallow chunks in the bar end up in your s’more.

The next step is to place the cut piece between two halves of a graham cracker. You can use any graham cracker, but keeping with tradition, I use Honey Grahams—I grew up with them, and I still love them.

The third step is to place the uncooked s’more in the microwave and cook it for 8 to 12 seconds. Each microwave is a little different, so watch for when the marshmallow starts to expand. You should allow it to expand for a few seconds. You may have to experiment a little for the perfect timing. But that’s the fun part, because if it doesn’t quite work right the first time, you get to say, “Dang, that didn’t quite work right—I’ll eat this one and make another one for you.”

When hosting a s’more party, you might want to even make sure you mess up on the first couple—that way, you’ll get the first ones, instead of getting so busy making them that you don’t get any.

After you pull the s’more out of the microwave, the fun part comes. Now: smash it down a little so the marshmallow is distributed evenly over the graham cracker.

Oh, did I mention—there is an even more fun part. Now you get to eat your perfect creation, or, if you’ve been cooking them up for others, you get to enjoy watching them eat your perfect s’more creation.

So, what did you think? Give it a try and let us know how yours turned out. Was that perfect or what? Enter your comment to this blog or send us an email at

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thanks for the Apple Pie

By Aaron Davidson

Lula’s Chocolates has some great employees. One of our chocolate dippers, I won’t mention who (Nanette), wished me a belated birthday yesterday and brought me in one of my favorite treats, home-made apple pie. I couldn’t wait to dig into it, but I did anyway because I just had to take a photo of it in my dining room with the morning sun. I guess that makes me a photo freak. I got in a little late today because the clouds were out and I had to wait until the sun barely peeked through the clouds so I could get just the right light. I had to wait so long that I didn’t have a chance to eat any, but there’s a silver lining to that though…I have something to look forward to when I go home tonight. Thanks again Nanette for being great and for the apple pie.