Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sea Salt Caramels... yum!

by Scott Lund

Lula’s and I are thrilled to announce that we are launching a line of sea-salt caramels. We debuted them at Pebble Beach Food & Wine to much enthusiasm. With a total of nine different flavors, there is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for any palate.

Our flavors include:
Lime Fresco – Strong but not too tart, this course, lime-colored salt is sprinkled playfully across the surface of the caramel to evenly distribute the flavor.

Chili Verde – Don’t underestimate this fine-grained, dark-roasted chili salt. This caramel’s salt is clustered on the end of the caramel to give you a blast of flavor and a zesty kick you’ll remember.

Vintage Merlot – The result of a lovely pairing of vintage wine and chocolate is a caramel topped with salt that has a distinctly grape tint and is poured in a long band along the surface of the caramel. Forget the glass and experience a new dinner party favorite.

Matcha (Green Tea) – Flavor harvested in the tea fields of Japan, this salt is fine-powdered, with a tea-green hue. It’s clustered in the center of the caramel for easy identification. Enjoy your own private tea ceremony.

Cyprus Flake – This subtle, white salt has a pyramidal shape, and its crystals are large and course. It’s sprinkled boldly across the surface of the caramel, transporting us to the sweet air of it's Mediterranean roots.

Hiwa Kai – Large, course, and distinctly charcoal-hued, this beautiful Hawaiian salt is sprinkled breezily across the length of the caramel.

Alaea – This course grained red salt is a traditional Hawaiian sea salt. Enriched with reddish Hawaiian clay (‘Alae), this bold salt provides an Aloha experience with every bite as it hulas the length of the chocolate.

Fleur De Sel – Acknowledged by many chefs as the best finishing salt in the world. With its mild flavor and crisp texture, this French salt graces the center of caramels in a soft cluster.

Himalayan – This pure, hand-mined salt found deep inside the pristine Himalayan Mountains. It’s marked by the soft pink, course salt scattered lightly over the caramels.

All our caramels are enrobed in dark chocolate and accented with a sprinkle of these remarkable salts. The salts are all available from gourmet sea salt company SaltWorks of Woodinville, Washington. Though, if you are looking to try the delicious salts, they are also available locally at Clementine's Kitchen, so feel free to check out the delicious flavors there!

We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions on this exciting new line.


Camilla Mann said...

Heard from some of your focus group tasters that these were fabulous. Can't wait to make it in to buy some! Thanks for being so creative.

Scott said...

Thanks Camilla,

Hope to see you soon. We are continuing to work on a special box and should have it done next month. It will hold one of each of all 9 caramels.

If you can't make it in to the factory, you can purchase the sea salt caramels at Clementines Kitchen or Whole Foods in Monterey.

spitfyr323 said...

These all look amazing! The combination of sweet and salty is absolutely heavenly!

spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com